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We believe highly effective organisations have learning at their core. Our aim is to help you make that happen.

We work with students, staff, leaders, governors and parents to help your school give students the best possible experience and achieve outstanding outcomes.


“The one really competitive skill is the skill of being able to learn. It is the skill of being able not to give the right answer to questions about what you were taught in school, but to make the right response to situations that are outside the scope of what you were taught in school. We need to produce people who know how to act when they’re faced with situations for which they were not specifically prepared.”
(Papert 1998)

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Leading Learning is committed to enabling the best possible learning experiences for pupils in and out of the classroom. We work with staff to improve the impact they have on learning. More

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Leading Learning believes teachers and leaders matter. We can support you to improve the quality of teaching for learning through a range of professional development processes. From Action Research to lesson observation we can help create a bespoke programme of support to meet your needs. More

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Leading Learning works with school leaders, governors and networks to plan for improvement or change. We are experienced in facilitating events to vision, problem solve, plan or learn together. Whether you are aiming for Academy status, planning a Free School or enhancing the contribution your governors make to the school we can help. More

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Leading Learning sees work with parents as a priority. Leading Learning (Education) can support you with this work. From developing a communication strategy to engaging parents for raising achievement: we can help you. More