Leading Pupil Learning

Leading Pupil Learning

“It is well established in cognitive science that learners always know something about the issue at hand and what they know is always their starting point for making sense.”
(About Learning, Demos p12)

Leading Learning is committed to enabling the best possible learning experiences for pupils in and out of the classroom. We work with staff to improve the impact they have on learning. We want all pupils to be challenged and motivated. We want them to be autonomous learners and we want them to have fun. Not only does this require great teachers but a curriculum to enable that. That’s why Leading Learning (Education) promotes Thinking Skills and is a partner in co enquire working to develop Enquiry Based Curriculum (www.coenquire.com).

What’s New
  • Enquiry Based Curriculum: Want to join a network or access our training and support package? Find out more.
  • Outstanding Teaching: Find out more about ‘Moving Towards Outstanding Teaching’.
  • Coming in January: Join our subscription only Differentiation webspace where you will be able to download resources, staff development materials and view videos of lesson footage and teacher reflection on differentiation activity. Find out more.
  • For enquiry based curriculum visit our partner company website (coming soon): http://www.coenquire.com

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